The European Journal of Endocrinology Prize (EJE) recognises the scientific work of the Cordobean specialist

Harvard neurology professor Álvaro Pascual-Leone and lecturer Réne Drucker-Colín, from the Autonomous University of Mexico, analyse the clinical advantages and research into Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at the University of Cordoba.

The result of the investigation was published in the Journal of Computational Physics.

The Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemistry 2010, Ei-ichi Negishi, has met this morning, on the Rabanales campus with around twenty young researchers from the science faculty of the University of Cordoba with whom he exchanged opinions and answered a variety of questions about his work as well as the standing of chemistry and the main scientific goals faced by researchers in this field. For Negishi, technology and innovation are two constantly attractive routes for maximum advancement in the fields of knowledge.

In collaboration with a North American team, researchers of Cordoba have discovered certain cells that act as natural sensors against the accumulation of fat

Researchers at the University of Cordoba assess the risk of excess consumption of various wild foods.

Researchers at the University of Cordoba have obtained methane through the manipulation of orange peel residue according to an article published in the magazine Bioresource Technology ((Volume 101, Issue 23, December 2010, pages 893-899).

The device will allow for advances in the study of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in beehives, which is key in climate change analysis.